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Propel Zero

Hello, Chris here, and today I am going to be reviewing the flavored water known as Propel Zero.
Lets us begin with what Propel Zero is. Propel Zero is a flavored water drink that comes in nine different flavors currently. These flavors are Berry, Grape, Peach, Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Black Cherry, Blueberry Pomegranate, Kiwi-Strawberry, and Cranberry Lime. Each different and exotic flavors. Sadly, I haven’t been able to try Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Peach, or Cranberry Lime because it isn’t sold in my area, but from what I have had, I have fallen in love with.
Appearance: Propel Zero’s bottle is a bit of an eye catcher to me. It is skinny, sleek and sexy in many ways. From the different blue tops to the in-dents and ex-dents in the bottle all the way down to the five pegged feet. On the bottles label it tells you what drink it is along with the giant logo and some vitamin information, calories and ingredients, and the little bubble stating its a zero calorie drink. The drink it self is clear, not colored, which I believe is a plus because coloring is bad for you and your teeth.
Price: Propel Zero isn’t anymore expensive than the regular Propel or plain water where I live. A six pack is around $5.30. Although, you can buy packs of twelve, twenty four, and in some cases more. For the twenty four packs, it features eight drinks of each of the three types included. I have only seen the twenty four contain Grape, Berry, and Kiwi-Strawberry though.
Taste: Ah, the taste. Propel Zero has a unique taste many love, and some hate. I personally love the taste of Propel Zero because again, it’s unique and thirst quenching. It is NOT a drink that will make you thirsty or leave a weird taste in your mouth and throat. Propel Zero is the exact opposite. It is a very filling and great tasting drink that will keep you hydrated and cool. Even if that water is hot, it is still delicious.
Packets: Propel Zero conveniently makes packets filled with a powder that can transform your ordinary water into a mouth explosion of flavor. Now I am not a huge fan of regular water, unless it is cold and fresh. And that’s the great thing about Propel Zero packets. They make it where if you can’t have an actual propel, then you can put a few of these in your wallet or purse and pull one out and make a flavored water when and where ever. This is extremely convenient when your traveling or doing something with sports. The taste is almost exactly the same too! For a box of ten packets it will cost you around seven dollars or more (US dollars) depending on where you live and if there is more packets. Sadly, I don’t think there is only Grape, Berry, and Kiwi-Strawberry packets though.
Overview: Propel Zero is a great tasting and thirst quenching drink that any water and flavored water enthusiast should try. Propel Zero can help you lose weight, stay hydrated, and even be with you on the go. All in all rating: five out of five. Perfect.

Propel Zero, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
Reviewed by Chris Curlis on 24 June 2012


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  1. gia parent says
    15 August 12, 5:18pm

    I tried this product and I still prefer good ole fashion water

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  2. Grace E. Carter says
    27 August 12, 3:57pm

    For 2 weeks now I have been having serious digestive problems. I have decided to try Propel Zero (vitamins and minerals and no sugar or cholesterol) I will let you know how good it is – very soon!

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