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Has Hollywood Gone Boldly Where No Man Has Gone Before?

Star Trek: Into Darkness is a very action packed movie, is it too much action for Star Trek? Are the changes in these newer film good, or bad? Many questions are being asked by long and short term fans. This movie is a huge leap from what Star Trek was in 2009. Both films are very different from the previous Star Trek we’ve experienced.

This film was devastating yet amazing, the stunts and special effects are wonderful. The plot twisting and turning with thickening excitement in every other minute. The cast was amazing, the parts were acted out amazingly, the lines dramatic, but realistic. (To an extent.) The cast of the movie is not quite perfect, I’m not saying that it was acted out poorly.

“That just isn’t Kahn!” and “‘m not so sure he even acts like a Kahn.” are only a couple of the things I have heard. I personally think Benedict was perfect for the role, mischievous, and smart, but he’s still strong and powerful without looking like it. He’s a mysterious man when he acts and he did amazingly in this specific film. I am not disappointed with any of the acting done in this film.

As a fan of the old Star Trek I am disappointed, yet I am amazed with what they’ve done with these characters. Many things could has gone wrong, and not many did go wrong with this movie. Most fans are just as pleased as they are upset. Out of all the questions asked about this film the most important one is; Has Hollywood gone boldly where no man has gone before?

If Hollywood has permanently changed the Star Trek films, will they continue their work? Or will they not succeed in such vast amount of change? It’s up to us people, will we let them stray too far from the adventures we came to love? Or will we accept these changes?

Has Hollywood Gone Boldly Where No Man Has Gone Before? , 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
Reviewed by Layla Rene` on 25 May 2013


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  1. Crystal says
    22 June 13, 1:26pm

    as a kid my mom always watched star trek and star wars so now I am cursed with it and im starting to understand them a bit now and this movie look amazing

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  2. Greg Short says
    28 June 13, 8:09pm

    The revamping phase America is going through is not hard to understand. Yes all these movies are from our childhood tv shows and movies. But the world is nothing like it was 40, 30 even 20 years ago. If they made the Dark Knight movies the same way they made the Adam West Batman tv shows, or made the new Man of Steel movie the same way Christopher Reeve's SuperMan was produced, audiences would be bored! Would you honestly like to see Captain James T Kirk monologue-ing the whole movie? NO! We need special effects and over-the-top action, humor and animation in movies these days. America is worn out on Swamp Thing and Night of The Walking Dead and Jaws. Now even Star Trek.

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  3. Gail Arlette Service says
    28 July 13, 4:47am

    Well…since Spock said that this is an alternate universe in the first movie, everything is fair game. I love the new Star Trek and see the films as separate from the "old Star Trek".

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