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Dermacton Cream For Dogs

For the past 3 years our 6 year old Maltese has had terrible Allergies. He licks, itches and quite frankly annoys the entire family with his constant licking. I could not even imagine what he is going through! We have tried everything from allergy medication, change in diet, steroids and every spray I could find. So once again I hit the internet searching for the next greatest product out there for his itching. I came across a forum where a woman had a dog with the same problem and was actually asking if she should buy a product called skin eze. The answer was simply no and to try a product called Dermacton because she had used it with great success on dogs she had rescued. So naturally I thought another product with false hopes I am sure but I will do anything for my dog so I googled the name and was brought to their site. I found the price to be a tad expensive but was willing to give it a go. I ordered the cream and it arrived within 2 days. I immediately lathered our dog in it and to my surprise he did not itch or lick all day! In fact he slept all day! I re-applied it that evening as to get him through the night without licking. Once again he slept all night only to get up to eat and go to the potty. Wow I am simply amazed! He needed this sleep! Here is the best part I am seeing some hair re-growth on his paws! After only 3 days of using this cream he has stopped itching and licking and is having hair growing. The smell is awful but I do not really care about that (I use gloves to apply it as the smell stays on your hands even after washing them). I am very excited about this cream and pray it keeps doing what it is doing. I think I might order the spray next time though and maybe the ear drops because he itches his ears alot too! Overall A+++ for this product! (I will update later).

Dermacton Cream For Dogs, 4.1 out of 5 based on 8 ratings
Reviewed by Deborah on 01 August 2012

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